.:About Me:.

Brock William Brown was born January 17th, 1992 to Chris and Annette Brown. He has three sisters, two older one younger, and one younger brother. He has an immense love for sports, namely wrestling. He was a 2 time state runner up and 1 time state champion. Many who know Brock will readily tell you of his goofy humor and his love for people. He is very compassionate and kind to all he meets and comes in contact with. His hard work and dedication has shown throughout his life. His wrestling "career" is just one of many examples, and now his choice to follow what he believe to be true, in serving his Lord and Savior. Brock has always shown he will give not only 100%, but 100% + 1. He does not give up, or give anything but all he's got. The Fijian people are in for an AWESOME treat for the next two years.