Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We all were very excited to get a letter finally from Brock last week.
Unfortunately, for us, he was too busy last P-Day to send us a letter.
Silly "go-get-em" Missionary!
You're going to make your mom and sisters go CRAZY!!!
{Dad and Nick have to inform us that he has more important things to worry about right now.... Sheesh.}

We got a good long letter.
This is what he wrote:

"that is good that you are all going good. i am good to.
im sorry you have a brand {Mom got burned on her arm and it looks like she's been branded...} ha. you wont notice it after a while it is just a nother question for people to ask you bout.
i am in matei.

This is Matei {Photo courtesy of Google}
it is on the top side of the island but i stay in somosomo some of the time {Somosomo is a chiefly village in Taveuni, which is the island where the international date line crosses on land in Fiji.}.
it is really good.
We walk alot but we may be havin a truck soon.
Our area got bigger.
 We have two areas to cover now which are  matei and qeleni so it will be really good.
my fijian still sucks, but understandin to me is gettin better.
so that is good.
taveuni is the "Garden island" so it is really cute
{Everyone's immediate response... "DID BROCK JUST SAY CUTE?!?! HA HA HA HA. Seriously love that boy....}.
seeing other white people is really weird now.
i dont see lot of whites and i think i am fijian.
ha so it weird!!
that is totaly cool. i hope she do good. and wish luck to her from me.
{Sidney is dancing her first point recital this week. They were BEST BUDS before he left. She LOVES her brother Brock} 
this week was really good.
On the 11th, so sat, we have 2 batisms.
i baptise brother mohn and my companion momoisea has a baptism also.
we are really happy.
we have 8 people that are moving forward with the lessons.
it is good. we are excited!
brother mohn is 40 and the other girl is 23 that are getting baptised!
its really good!
{I think he's excited about his first baptism.... Just a little. =D}
i happy that mitch is getting his blessing {patriarchal - from Grandpa Brown} that is really good.
that is a road map.
like gps for his life thats really good.
have him read it lots and follow and study it like the scriptures.
it will help him in life.
well looks like you get a ipad!?
how that? good? bad? where is mine? hah just playin ha
sorry i didnt write last week busy sara ga {not quite sure what this means... we'll have to have him clarify} week!
i sent you letter that has alot of letters.
in the letter there is a picture for the family.
and i have a new scripture for the plaque if i can change it but i cant member it i will get next week.
i would like it fijian and english so i will send both to you next week. :D
well i hope you all kow that i love you all very much alot!

We absolutely LOVE hearing from this kid, almost as much as he LOVES recieving letters.... =D
As he kind of mentioned we haven't gotten ANY pictures yet.
Their computer there is too slow.
Can't wait to get the one he mentioned!
We still don't know a physical address to send to him, but letters can be sent to the mission home there.
Or if you would like leave a comment here {or email me - splitenergie@gmail.com} and I will forward it on to him.
Until next week!

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