Saturday, March 5, 2011

.:First Letter!:.

We got our frist letter from Brock on Friday the 4th. SOOOOO excited! He was very cute and opened with how grateful he was to Mom and Dad for supporting him and teaching him what was right. His first companion is a Tongan Elder named Toomoelupe Tuai Pakileata, or in Brocks words "aka Elder P.". He says he's really cool. Right now they have a room just to themselves. The first day they both quickly took off their "retard/newbie" sticker because people were "creeping them out". Ha ha. He's been super excited and happy to see a lot of friends from home and elsewhere and he was ecstatic to find out the had.... {drumroll please} BLUE POWERADE! He closed with telling us his P day is Thursdays and his tenative date to leave the MTC is May 5th. Fiji here he comes!!!

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